The European Bangladesh Federation of Commerce and Industry (EBF) is a non governmental and a not for profit association that has been established to promote and encourage trade, investment and business relations between Europe and Bangladesh.

Established in 2008 the organisation will act as the focal point for bi-lateral Bangladesh Chambers of Commerce and business forums across Europe, developing and assisting activities in line with the objectives of the association.

With extensive knowledge of industry and markets within Bangladesh and throughout Europe, the EBF plans to promote an up to date awareness of Bangladesh’s rapidly evolving economy, business and investment opportunities for European partners.

Key objectives of EBF are to promote and encourage:

  • Trade investment and business relations between Europe and Bangladesh
  • Commerce and industry of Bangladeshi origin within and between countries of the European Union.
  • Business networking, between companies of both Bangladeshi and European origin within the European Union, and a greater social and economic integration within the individual countries
  • Investment within Bangladesh by European partners and consortiums
  • Act as a coordinator and promoter of Chambers of Commerce, companies and other organisations devoted to or supporting the above aims within Europe, Bangladesh and other regions.
  • Cooperate with similar organisations or groups which have similar objectives both on a National or International level.
  • Professionalism in operation
  • Commitment to fairness, transparency, de-regulation & de-licensing
  • Partnership approach in working
  • Promote internationally accepted standards, work practices, fair competition and private initiative
  • Close cooperation with foreign chambers and business forums
  • Play an proactive partnership role