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EBF aims to promote commerce and industry between Europe and Bangladesh and to network businesses with trading and investment interests between Bangladesh and Europe within the 27 EU countries (the geographical area). The federation membership will primarily be chamber and similar organisations within the geographical region. The annual membership fee for chambers wishing to be federated to EBF will be Euro 1000.

However, until the EBF is fully developed, with member chambers in the majority of the EU countries the membership of the EBF will extend to just one categorie which is:

  • Corporate membership

Corporate membership
Corporate members are companies within the geographical area, both private and public, engaged in commerce, industry or investment. Corporate members will pay an annual fee depending on the size of the organisation as stated below:

* Up to 15 employees = Euro 250

* Between 16 to 50 employees = Euro 500

* More than 50 employees = Euro 1,000

What you can expect from membership

EBF will aim to provide comprehensive resources and facilities to promote commerce, industry and investment. These will include:

  • EBF Insight
    A quarterly e-journal to carry in depth studies and articles on industries, government notifications, analysis, announcements and information on varied topics concerning business and industry. This journal will be sent to all members every quarter, free of charge.
  • Meetings
    Periodic meetings will be held inviting all members to attend to discuss issues such regulatory changes, key investment promotions, banking and finance, exports and imports, infrastructure development and best practice. The meetings will be addressed by experts and regulatory functionaries to clarify issues for the benefit of the members.
  • Trade Missions
    The EBF will organise meetings with visiting foreign business missions to promote bilateral and multilateral trade and facilitate joint ventures and technology transfers. EBF will also organise trade delegations to various countries.
  • Resource centre
    Today’s commerce and industry demands the latest up to date and easily accessible. information. EBF will establish a Library for commercial information relating to the geographical area. Members will have access for information and for reference of books, periodicals, government notifications and publications.
  • Training Programmes
    Regular training programs will be conducted in important areas such as marketing, import and exports, enterprise development, and skills upgrading.
  • Advisory Services
    EBF will develop advisory services, tailored to the needs of members, on key issues such as Excise and Customs, Industrial Relations, Income Tax, Energy conservation, Import and Export, both in Europe and Bangladesh.
  • Memorandum of Understanding
    EBF will sign MOUs with key International Chambers, both in Europe and Bangladesh and maintain an active dialogue with them in areas of joint interest.
  • Publications
    EBF will strive to publish monographs, books, papers and studies on important subjects to inform and educate members in key areas of interest.
  • Web site
    The website of EBF will be a key resource to members, updated regularly, providing information not only on administrative matters but on all matters that promote commerce and industry, including information on forthcoming events within the geographical area.

    Eventually the website will provide a membership database which gives details of our members, their products and services.
  • Representations
    EBF will represent the views of its members and will lobby governments and key decision makers on key issues to ensure the smooth running of trade, commerce and industry.